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Virtual Lab: DNA (close-up & do-it-yourself)
University of Virginia
© 2003-Present, John C. Bean
This presentation provides a close-up view of a 0.64 nanometer tall segment of DNA (the length in which two base pairs reside).

The presentation employs interactive 3D models that you can alter via selection buttons and then rotate, move or magnify.

These models are now displayed using secure "Three.js" JavaScript (replacing earlier use of the "Flash" plugin). But these models, especially the more complex ones, take a while to load into your browser. And the buttons take even longer to become active. These delays are particularly long the first time you view this presentation (taking 10’s of seconds). PLEASE BE PATIENT.

To start this tour, click the "Next Scene" button at the bottom of this page. At any point, you can jump ahead by clicking an icon above the image.

(Rotate & zoom the model using mouse or trackpad)
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