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Virtual Lab: Micron Technologies Integrated Circuit Plant
University of Virginia
PROJECT OVERVIEW: This "Virtual Lab" website was developed by John C. Bean. It began under a grant from the National Science Foundation's CCLI program, and grew under subsequent NIRT, MRSEC and NUE awards. It has now been combined with Bean's Nanoscience and Sustainable Energy websites to form WeCanFigureThisOut.org (about / contact).
SOFTWARE TOOLS: The Virtual Lab's animations were created using the program "3D Studio MAX." The website is built upon PHP programming calling upon MySQL databases.
PAGE CREDITS: This page was created by Niladri Kansari (MS ?02) and John C. Bean with generous help from Bob Estabrooke, Tony Gallo, Steve Silberstein, Dale Fleming and Tom Appleman of Micron Technologies.
LEARN MORE: "Computers from Transistors" - Glen Zorpette, Scientific American, The Solid State Century, Vol. 8(1) 1998.

"Introduction to Microelectronic Fabrication" - Richard C. Jaeger, Addison-Wesley (1993)

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