DNA Fingerprinting Labs

Background Lecture Material:

Lecture 8: DNA Self-Assembly

Lecture 9: DNA Fingerprinting

Lab Manual / Instructions:

UVA's DNA Fingerprinting Manual

Poster describing process for extraction of DNA from cheek cells:

Equipment and Supplies:

Shop drawing for fabrication of mock electrophoresis gel used to practice sample loading

Carolina Scientific Human VNTR Polymorphism Kit

Labnet MultiGene Mini PCR thermal cyclers

- MultiGene Manual

Owl B1 EasyCast Electrophoresis System

- EasyCast Manual

IBI Scientific SH-300 electrophoresis power supply

Labnet Z100A Centrifuges (for 15 ml test tubes)

Revolutionary Science Microcentrifuge RS-102 (for 1.5 ml test tubes)

Fisher Isotemp water bath and floating microtube rack

Fisher Finnpipette II micropipettes