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Resources: Today's Photovoltaic Solar Cells
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PowerPoint Web Notes: Today's Photovoltaic Solar Cells

Resources cited in web notes or used in their preparation:

Virtual Lab models of Semiconductor Crystals (link):

NOTE: I wrote these Virtual Lab models so that you could alter their atomic composition, change their facets, and reorient them. I did that based on full 3D models presented over the web via the Adobe Shockwave plugin. When security flaws were later discovered in that plugin, most web browsers dropped support for its use. I am still trying to identify a viable replacement - John


U.S. National Renewable Energy Lab annual tabulation of research solar cell efficiency records - 2016 (link):


U.S. National Renewable Energy Lab webpages on solar insolation (this link first prompts you for your PV options):


Beyond the data sources above, I realize that this note set identifies few tutorial resources. That is because, having spent much of my career working on the conversion light energy into electrical energy, I did not have to dig into such resources in order to create this note set. HOWEVER:

If there is any part of this note set that you would like me to clarify and/or expand upon OR

If YOU have identified particularly effective supplemental teaching resources on photovoltaics

Then PLEASE send me that information (via the site's Contact webpage: link) and I will either modify this note set and/or add links to those teaching resources on this page - Thanks, John