A Renewable / Distributed Grid - Supporting Materials

PowerPoint Lecture Notes: A Renewable / Distributed Grid

Articles & papers cited in lecture

DC-DC Converters: A Primer - Jaycar Electronics (original has now disappeared from the web / cached copy)

Advanced Power Electronic Interfaces for Distributed Energy Systems - NREL (link / cached copy)

AEP Interstate Project: Why 765 KV AC? - AEP Corp. (link / cached copy)

GreenPower Superhighways - AWEA / SEIA (link / cached copy)

"Snapshot" of media / web discussion:

Utilities strive to fetter solar industry’s growth – Washington Post

Utilities take aim at solar roofs – Washington Post

Welcome To The Residential Solar Revolution – Forbes Magazine

Disruptive Challenges: Financial Implications and Strategic Responses to a Changing Retail Electric Business – Edison Energy Institute (Peter Kind)

The Utility Industry Can Survive the Energy Transition - It’s Leading It – Peter Kind

The 10 greatest challenges the utility industry faces today - David Savenije

Estimating the Impact of Net Metering - Louisiana PUC

Net Energy Metering Ratepayer Impacts Evaluation – California PUC

Net Energy Metering Impacts Evaluation – Nevada PUC