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PowerPoint Lecture Notes: Hydropower and Windpower

The "Cascata della Marmore" power plant near Terni in Umbria Italy

Satellite image of the Cascata della Marmore

Most waterfalls evolve over thousands of years. But to drain a soggy plateau, the Cascata delle Marmore (waterfall at Marmore) was created by Roman engineers in 271 BC.

Then, in 1929, the flow was diverted to drive what was to be Europe's largest hydroelectric power plant. But for visitors, the falls are turned back on for an hour at both noon and 5pm.

The satellite photo above (from Apple Maps) shows the falls (while on) at the center right, the diversion stream (at center), which then drops into a tunnel ("penstock") to drive the power plant (to the left of the mountaintop quarry).


A twenty minute time lapse movie of the falls being turned back off

(composed from my holiday pictures - John C. Bean)


Smithsonian Channel show about wind turbine installation ship M.V. Resolution:

Two minute excerpt (original link / YouTube link)